Cody's Cubes
Made 2019
Size 78" x 78"
1st Place - Minnesota Quilt Show
Named after my son
Made 2017
Size 82" x 82"
Pacific International Quilt Festival
Best Modern Quilt
Diamond Effervescence
Made 2017
Size 79”x79”
Minn. Quilt Show= 2nd Place
Mimi's View
Made 2014
Size 109”x109”
MQT Today 2014=1st Place in Category
Pacific International Quilt Festival 2014=Juried
Mancuso Mid Atlantic 2015=Juried
MQX East 2015=Juried
AQS Lancaster 2016=Juried
HMQS 2016=Juried
Carson Valley Quilt Show 2016=2nd Place, Viewer’s Choice
AQS Syracuse 2016=Juried
AQS Grand Rapids 2016=Juried
AQS Des Moines 2016=Juried
AQS Chattanooga 2016=Juried
Pyramid Tumbling Blocks
Made 2008
Size 112”x112”
Azalea Quilt Show 2008=2nd Place
Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival 2009=Juried
AQS Lancaster 2010=Juried
Quilt Odyssey 2011=Juried
Shipshewana 2015=Juried
Ocean View
Made 2009
Size 110”x110’
Azalea Quilt Show 2009=Best of Show,Queen’s Choice,1st Place
Curry County Fair 2009=Best of Show,1st Place
Oregon State Fair 2009=People’s Choice,3rd Place
Pacific International Quilt Festival 2009=Juried
AQS Lancaster 2010=Juried
Road to California 2011=Juried
Quilt Odyssey 2011=2nd Place
MQX West 2011=Faculty Award
Shipshewana 2014=Juried
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